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VPSA for Enhanced Cloud Storage

CIO VendorNelson Nahum, Co-founder and CEO
In an era of exponential data growth and burgeoning exigency for higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs), storage and its management is a pressing topic throughout the cloud storage segment. Moreover, the traditional approach of purchasing storage space is increasingly failing and not meeting budget nor flexibility needs of businesses. As a result, customers are locked into expensive CapEx cycles and rigid architectures that require over-provisioning and complex management. “To this need, enterprises need scalable, elastic, enterprise-class storage-as-a-service that is always aligned their changing worlds, and that’s exactly what we provide,” explains Nelson Nahum, CEO and Co-founder of Zadara Storage.

The company’s patented software-defined Virtual Private Storage Arrays (VPSA) delivers flexible, multi-tenant enterprise storage network area (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) technology for peta-scale primary and secondary storage. These VPSAs meet the most stringent SLA’s with isolated resources, exceptional data security, and management control. “As an innovator in cloud block storage, Zadara continues to grow rapidly quarter over quarter largely because our innovative VPSA software and business model with which, at long last, customers can buy storage the way they prefer—to gain the agility that lets their businesses fly high,” asserts Nahum. The Irvine, CA based firm provides the VSPA either on customer premises via its On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) offering for both enterprises and public cloud and managed service providers. This sets the Zadara storage solution apart from other cloud storage alternatives.

Furthermore, Zadara Cube—“One- Click” Enterprise Storage Array—a breakthrough in terms of ease-of-use and immediacy offers the same performance, reliability and full set of data management features as standard VPSA Storage Arrays, yet with the ultimate in simplified provisioning.

We are excited to be able to offer the Zadara Cube through the AWS Marketplace

In addition, ordering and configuration are accomplished via the simple and straightforward Amazon Web Services (AWS) 1-Click Launch interface, resulting in automatic, pushbutton creation of new storage instances.“We are excited to be able to offer the Zadara Cube through the AWS Marketplace,” extols Nahum. “The addition of the Zadara Cube is yet another avenue for AWS customers to enjoy the power of the Zadara Storage Cloud.”

As a testimony of such expertise, Zadara brings in an interesting case-study where Gilt, an innovative online shopping destination, wanted an efficient and scalable storage infrastructure to store their growing number of product images. “Our fundamental problem was aligning our IT infrastructure with our company growth. Hence we moved from a storage solution that was hindering growth and expensive to run and maintain, to one that is enabling growth," Anders Holm, Senior Systems Engineer at Gilt. One of the key problems with Gilt's prior solution 3PAR was scalability and manageability and moreover the process was cumbersome and was taking days to complete. With the use of Zadara’s VPSA StaaS, the client was able to ex¬pand their existing storage capacity and set up new storage volumes with¬in minutes and further reduced the storage costs by 85 percent. Gilt was also pleased with the seamless connectivity between its AWS compute resources and Zadara’s storage capacity. It was able to connect its AWS ac¬counts, regardless of region, to any of its Zadara Storage VPSAs.

With flexibility of the cloud business model and benefits of on-premises storage, technology is not the only place that Zadara innovates. “Our goal for the next year is to have a large amount of customers in the clouds where we offer the service, as well as to have signed a couple of deals where we provide the entire storage for a big public or private cloud,” concludes Nahum.

zadara storage


Nelson Nahum, Co-founder and CEO

Offers enterprise storage-as-a-service, delivering high-performance, highly available file and block storage